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Clone wars naboo

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03-16-2007, 10:07 PM
i am a big fan of rp
so this is one on nabbo the cis has discourverd a republic base there job is to elimatie then a space battle above
you can pick any faction you can in be in space or naboo.
name: Tyrone
class jedi piolit and fighter
The ship was preparing in space another one was on naboo
red alert. Cis Attack so i got in my blue jedi starfighter
and orderd all fleets and ships to fire in the at it i was hit and crashed in the hanger....
03-17-2007, 3:52 AM
Hey tyrone l thought it was someone else anyway l will be in this forum and please correct me if lm wrong but you said 'anyone' so l might be the mandalorians if you dont mind otherwise l will be the CIS ok

Mandalorian version of battle
Mandalorian officer: There seems to be a large fight over naboo

Mandalorian Clan leader: Well that means ofcourse we should go there

Mandalorian Officer: Move out

*several mandalorian ships leave to go to naboo while the battle between the cis and republic is raging*

CIS version of battle
Battle Droid Commander: Move move move

Battledroid: Sir they are sending reinforcements

Battle Droid Commander: Well bring in more space craft

Battledroid: Roga Roga
03-17-2007, 4:23 AM
okay cool
as the battle raged on after a few v-wings bombed the ship it was gonna explode
so tj got out quicky then the ship exploaded phew lets get back to the fleet.
Clone: The mandlrlions are coming to aid us so will the gugans
Clone: the ships have lanaded on nabbo
Clone: All alclimatoris raged down there make sure all civiallians are safe
Tj was in a comand post telling the how to win the battle when the battle raged on
Tj: all nabbo cilvallians report the ships queen pf nabbo go all the palace was destroyed.
Tj: saw a little young girl she was a jedi he asked her to go
she just deflecting lasers then a tank fired a pillar nooo! he force jumped pushed her out
of the way he was crushed but force pushed it at some AAtts and staps...
03-17-2007, 4:59 PM
Um Tyrone l dont know if you remember from the sith war the mandalorians are very independent (means that they dont do team work with other teams) so they wouldnt be helping no one unless there getting alot of credits ok.

Mandalorian: We need more reinforcements to back us up so we dont die

Mandalorian: Affirmitive

* a large ammount of new reinforcements come in from hyperspace*

Hey tyrone l hope you are still in our other rollplaying thread well mine because its good with plenty of people
03-17-2007, 5:50 PM
yeah i am i will pay the mandlrions kk
7 fleets landed on the planet with reinforcements huh?
next minte 2 sith lords came the jedi girl and me duleing them the clones were trying to win then tj finished the sith lords then the jedi follwed
Tj: come young jedi she came the ship the gungans came to aid us so will the mandrlions the ships were securing cilvailans
tj: send in another 70 fleets
clone: yes sir
then a the droids broke blasting anything the clone died....
03-28-2007, 3:28 AM
sorry as l said on my forum l was playing so here l am back sorry.

Mandalorian: We need to go down and evacuate the citizens to coruscant

Mandalorian: Yes sir
03-28-2007, 5:06 PM
tj: oh crap *cuts droid in half eventuilly a gunship comes come on tj aand the young girl force speed there
05-07-2007, 9:45 PM
Bring in the Anime girls in bikinis! Nah that wont work, but the roman clones should take care of those droids easily.
05-04-2008, 10:47 AM
manolorian: okay, wy die.
clone commander: no we won't
mandolorian: we will die!
clone commander: we will not die!
manolorian: aren't you listening? we are going to die!
clone commander: we won't die! you know why!
mandolorian: no
clone commander: we heve peanuts!
mandolorain: long live the peanuts, o cr*p why am i saying this?
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