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Quirky behavior

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01-03-2007, 2:00 PM
During the GC Imperial campaign, I have seen some odd things being done by the ZC. Primarily their ships are able to occupy the same space as some of my fleets and planets without triggering combat. This is not the same as their ability to bypass systems but flagrant occupation of my systems. Even when I have fleets in attendance there is still no combat initiated upon thier arrival. However If after they have occupied my systems using this manuever, If I reinforce my ships in the system, then combat initiates normally with my base at what ever level I had upgraded it to becoming a ZC base. I am using the latest patch however I am restricted to playing only in safe mode since the initiation screen only shows a great white box and has buttons but they are unselectable other than changing my cursor. This has been a problem from the very beginning and I have relinstalled the game several times with no relief.
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01-03-2007, 2:22 PM
It seems like a bug...
01-03-2007, 7:35 PM
i've seen this before, and on multiplayer too.......really annoying...I took over a planet, built 1 unit, bam fighting began(and their fleet was above), and I found that they had control over many planets(that were rebel or empire npc planets) while the rebel or empire fleet was still above it (and since on multiplayer GC, the npc faction can't move or train units, well...)
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