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epic battle against resolution

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11-05-2006, 1:43 AM
hello there, i bought the game, but since my old samsung syncmaster 3 supports 800x600 as maximum resolution i can't play. it runs, but screen is distorted as too many pixels are fighting for space that just isnt there, they still try, lol, its pretty funny. perseverant little pixels

anyway since EAW supports such resolution i'm sure there is a way to change it from outside the game, so i'd like some help please =) im loyal to george man! i've been giving money to lucas for almost ten years now, and to be honest i didnt aaaalways recieve my money's worth with software.. or movies.. or comics.. or books.. ok nvm! that's not the point. its ok really, im not complaining, just stating a fact.. but just so you know.. i AM gonna get this game to run in this old piece of cr*p, one way or another.

and to you, the person who's thinking "duh, idiot, buy a new monitor!"
i tell you, dude, dont even bother posting something like that

i know the company would rather force me to buy a new monitor rather than explaining how to do the thing so i can play a game, of course, it makes sense after all, lucasarts CEO must have lunch with monitor manufacturers every now and then, like happy little capitalists they are =)

i would accept that kind of response from lucasarts official tech help
but here we're all users striving to get over our hardware limitations, and i know that maybe some people here have the right frame of mind and became VERY knowledgeable about how the game works.. that is.. how it REALLY works.

thanks in advance for reading
hope you can help out
11-05-2006, 7:54 AM
hm, im to lazy right now to look for my foc cd, but isnt it in the gfx menu ingame? o_O
i took a look at the troubleshooting.rtf in the game folder and the resolution should be there. thats why im asking.
and take a look at the point about ddc displays
11-05-2006, 9:02 AM
i cant change it ingame
have you ever seen how a monitor displays images when its out of frequency or resolution? most modern digital monitors show "Out of HZ" windows in flashy colors or something like that.. it varies for each manufacturer, but it means "you're pushing my limits human"

my monitor is old
not only old
but sturdy, and perserverant !
because even though it knows that it cant display 1024x768, it doesnt show a pussy little window saying "ohh i cant do this resolution"

it shows the picture all ****ed up where you can see 3 mouse cursors, multiple title screens, unreadable, text, etc, etc


edit: its not funny =( i wanna play
11-05-2006, 9:58 AM
well then.. im sorry and cant help you. maybe one of the devs got a resolution for it, with parameters for the shortcut, but i dunno.


i know u dont wanna hear it, but... why not buying a newer model? i mean.. it dont has to be somthing like a high def lcd display for couple of hundred dollar notes.. take a look at ebay. u can get a 19" crt for 50$ or so. and if thats to big for u or to expensive, u can 15" or 17" crts for 20-40$... and with them u can put it up to 1600*1200@60hz, means, u dont have to mess around with this kinda problems in the future.
11-05-2006, 11:01 AM
i know man
thanks for your help! and you rock dude, dont be sorry

but see.. im 18, without a job, and an education that i need to be more concerned about than my gaming needs.. you know how it is.. bitching priorities.. i live with my parents, and things are tight in the financial sector, hopefully that will change when i get a job, but i wanna play now, not 4 months from now :p

50 bucks maybe dont seem much to you but before the monitor there's college, girlfriend, music (ah yes, im a guitar player, and musicians equipment is expensive), etc, etc

maybe my first post gave out that image, but im not cheap
11-07-2006, 5:13 AM

I found how to run EaW in a window and since it looks like google has this cached, here is the answer you probably won't find anywhere else:

Make a shortcut to where sweaw.exe (not the launcher) and add the WINDOWED parameter after the quotes:

"\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\sweaw.exe" WINDOWED

WINDOWED (no dash) makes it run in a window. There are also SCREENHEIGHT= and SCREENWIDTH= parameters, but since you can set those in game it doesn't really matter. Enjoy SW:EaW !

source >

thanks funsolo for trying to help, to the other 44 of you that read the thread but didnt care or didnt know, hope you enjoy your meaningless, pityful existance. auf wiedersen.
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