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account has been suspended (AOTC TC site in danger of deletion)

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 jawa trader #2
06-15-2004, 2:31 PM
I whanted to know if anyone could get onto the site? cause when i try i get this message:

This hosting account has been suspended
for non-payment of outstanding bills.

If you are the owner of this site, contact us immediately.

If you fail to pay within 2 working days, we will assume you
no longer want to use our services and your account will
be deleted. Any loss of files are your responsibility.

Reinstation of your site may be subject to additional administration fees.

Copyright © 2004

anyone know let me know. its weird.
06-15-2004, 2:33 PM
whoever pays for that site hasn't kept up with the bill so it's being shut down
06-15-2004, 5:57 PM
Its out of my own pocket to go figure...
06-15-2004, 11:17 PM
and your not going to do anything? or are you. if the site gets closed are you still going to be finishing the total conversion, with the player skins and maps? or will this be the end?
06-16-2004, 12:09 AM
Try getting or JK2files to host it.
06-16-2004, 1:14 PM
Its ok im just get some invoces in, I just screwed up the payment times
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