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Five Geek Social Fallacies

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05-25-2004, 8:05 AM

Some of you might want to take a look at this, Lord knows I've struggled with GSF1 and 4.
06-15-2004, 6:28 PM
He forgot 'chronic perfectionism', the notion that if a job is done less than perfectly, it's some kind of personal failure. Apart from the chance of leading to reduced self esteem it usually irritates co-workers.

In the non-pathological variant, this trait is called 'professionalism'.
 ET Warrior
06-15-2004, 7:32 PM
It's an interesting read, and probably true for the most part....

I personally don't THINK that I have any of those fallacies...but it's possible that I have a bit of GSF 3.....
06-15-2004, 9:19 PM
interesting read indeed. i dont' know if i agree with any of it or not. gonna have to read into a bit more. :)
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